12 oz Pure Enzymes for Spa, waters choice, Free shipping

12 oz Pure Enzymes for Spa, waters choice, Free shipping

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Pure Enzymes for spas are the easiest, most convenient way to take care of your spa. This 12-ounce bottle is a one-month supply of enzymes and is environmentally friendly, saves water, and replaces most of the traditional chemicals in your spa. Treat your spa equipment with our enzymes and pumps, heaters, and jets will last longer. Most important, treat yourself to a nice relaxing soak in soft clean water that will leave your skin smooth and your hair soft and shiny.

Try Waters Choice and experience the difference!

Pure Enzymes for Spas is a monthly treatment that makes taking care of your spa as easy as it can be. Simply add one bottle of 
Pure Enzymes every month, balance your pH, and add Sanitizer. 

With Pure Enzymes in your water there is NO need for algaecide, clarifier, shock, metal sequestering agent, filter cleaner, or defoamer. 

With Pure Enzymes in your water you only have to drain your spa once a year instead of 2-4 times with traditional chemicals, saving you a lot of time and money, not to mention water.


It is common for your water to go cloudy the first time you start our enzyme system. This is normal. Unlike chemicals, enzymes take time to establish their environment. During this time, it is okay to use the spa, make sure you add Sanitizer. Do not overdose with Sanitizer trying to clear the water, this will cause the startup process to take longer. 

During the breakdown process carbon dioxide is created which has a dirty sock smell. This gas gets trapped between the cover and the water. Normally this gasses off within seconds of opening the cover. If your spa has a smell after it has been opened for a while check your filter by smelling it. If the odor is in the filter, soak in a solution of water with 1 cup household bleach per filter.