Clean & Drain Spa Purge, Free Shipping

Clean & Drain Spa Purge, Free Shipping

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All spas have Gunk building up and accumulating in the plumbing that you can't see. That also means you can't reach it. That's where Clean & Drain comes In. When it's time to drain your water and clean your tub, the best thing you can do is run a spa purge through your plumbing. This ensures that you will be starting fresh. It's almost like having a brand-new tub.

Spa plumbing is the perfect breeding ground for many different types of bacteria. No matter which system you run to keep your water clean, over time a buildup will develop in the pipes. As this buildup grows, it takes more chemicals and precious time to keep your water balanced. The longer this buildup is allowed to grow the harder it will be to get your water right and it will take more work to get rid of the problem. When you purge your spa and/or swim spa with Clean & Drain, it removes these contaminants leaving your lines clean and your spa easier to maintain.

Tip: Make sure you wipe your spa down with the water in the tub as you drain. Do not let the gunk dry on your spa.
Purge your spa in as little as one hour.

Other purges on the market take as long as 24 hours to work.
Clean & Drain can be used in Jetted Bathtubs as well.
Starting up.

Add Waters Choice Clean & Drain purge product when it is time to drain your spa. 
Start with your water up to temperature. The warmer the better. 
Remove the filter from the filter well and put it in the seating area of the spa. 
Squeeze entire tube of Clean & Drain into the filter area. 
Run spa for at least one hour with jets on high speed. Turn the air valves on and off to allow Clean & Drain to get into the air lines. If you have diverter valves, turn them all the way one way for a cycle, then all the way the other way for the next cycle, and center them for the final cycle. 
If you have an air blower turn it on and off several times to allow the Clean & Drain to get into the lines. Give it enough time between on/off to allow pipes to purge water and refill. 
As the Clean & Drain does its job you will see all kinds of gunk around the top that has come out of the lines. When you are finished and ready to drain, wipe down the spa as it is draining with the water that is in the spa. Do not let any gunk dry on the sides of the spa or the cleanup will be very difficult.


After the spa has been drained, purge all lines with fresh water to get the dirty water out. If you have a spa with a lot of jets you may want to refill your spa and run all the jets for one minute, (with diverter valves centered), and drain again. After the lines have been purged, drain and wipe your spa down. 
Refill with fresh water. Do not use irrigation water. 
If your spa has not been purged for a long time, or ever, you may need to purge your spa twice to get the gunk out. 
There are two ways to do this:

  1. After adding Clean & Drain and running jets for one hour leave the water in the spa for 1-2 days, then repeat the process, and then drain.
  2. After initial purge, drain and refill spa, let it get to temperature, and then repeat the process.

For best results and the easiest water to take care of, Clean & Drain should be used every time you drain your spa. 

NOTE: If you have a jetted bathtub, Clean & Drain will clean those lines as well. Follow the directions above, but use 1/3 to ½ of the tube depending on the number of jets and time it has been since it was purged last.