Waters Choice spa kit-6 months supply, Free Shipping

Waters Choice spa kit-6 months supply, Free Shipping

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Everything you need to start up and take care of your hot tub is all in one box! Our Ultra Natural Sanitation System comes with chlorine, pH increaser, pH decreaser, test strips, and our Spa Enzymes. These easy and convenient kits come in a one-month, three-month, six-month, and seven-month supply and provides you with everything you need for a clean, healthy, and natural-feeling spa. Whether you are new to spas or a veteran user, this kit is for you. It simplifies complicated spa upkeep and allows you to spend more time relaxing.


With Pure Enzymes in your water there is NO need for algaecide, clarifier, shock, metal sequestering agent, filter cleaner, or defoamer. 


It is common for your water to go cloudy the first time you start our enzyme system. This is normal. Unlike chemicals, enzymes take time to establish their environment. During this time, it is okay to use the spa, make sure you add Sanitizer. Do not overdose with Sanitizer trying to clear the water, this will cause the startup process to take longer. 

During the breakdown process carbon dioxide is created which has a dirty sock smell. This gas gets trapped between the cover and the water. Normally this gasses off within seconds of opening the cover. If your spa has a smell after it has been opened for a while check your filter by smelling it. If the odor is in the filter, soak in a solution of water with 1 cup household bleach per filter.